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Men don’t like admitting their hair is falling out, or that they are developing a bald patch on their head.  They can feel emasculated and theIr self-esteem can suffer, bringing its own set of problems. We offer many hair loss treatments and male hair transplant is one of our most popular services.  The first step you can make is meeting with our Trichologist to determine why you are losing your hair.

Male Hair Transplant

Male hair transplant can be done here in the U.K. and in some cases, we can match the price offered overseas i.e. Turkey.  There is no guarantee, but we would love to meet with you to see if we can help.  There are many options for hair loss; FUT Hair Transplant, FUE Hair Transplant, Laser Hair Transplant, Non-Surgical Hair Transplant, Biofibre Hair Transplant.

The hair follicle may be grafted onto the scalp, it can take anything up to 9 months for the process to be complete.  New hair needs to grow and it is not uncommon for hair to fall out as we start the treatment.  This is all normal and our staff are very informative and will offer support for anyone who undertakes the male hair transplant treatment.

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We invite you into meet with our Trichologist, we do a skin and hair follicle test to see if you would be allergic to any products.   The appointment is FREE to determine if we can offer you a male hair transplant, thereafter there is a charge.  All costs would be outlined when we meet and at the first meeting, there is no-obligation.  We get most of our new patients through word of mouth and we can show you actual patients before and after images.  We will not try and sell you a treatment plan that you won’t benefit from, or that we feel is not in your best interest.  Please complete the form below or call us on the number detailed above.

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